The Mysteries of Acquarossa

The Mysteries of Acquarossa

Acquarossa, like many of the Etruscan sites, covers a significant area, in this case the area is a wide plateau at the confluence of three rivers: the Acquarossa, the Francalancia-Fornicchio and the Vezza.
As already mentioned in a previous post, Acquarossa is located where three rivers joined. Such places were considered by the Etruscans to have a particularly strong energy and in these locations they preferred to build their sacred sites…

Etruscans at the 2015 Milan Expo



Etruscans at the 2015 Milan Expo 5/5 (4)

Etruscans at the 2015 Milan Expo ‘’2015 Year of the Etruscans’’ at the 2015 Milan Expo will be one of the initiatives hosted completely dedicated to the Etruscans and Etruria. This world event will be followed by all Italian provinces that lie amongst the wonderful...

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