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When about 1000 BC the Etruscans arrived on Tyrrhenian coasts of Italy, they did not choose randomly to settle there. The sandy coastline with the typical Mediterranean vegetation, the plains of Maremma Tosco-Laziale , the oaks chestnut trees dense mountains, the frightening beech forest of the Cimini Mountains as insurmountable bulwark for their Roman opponents, the volcanic lakes, the river gorges, the tuffaceous spurs, became the right scenario for a nine hundred years long history. These places with a wild and evocative landscapes will help to improve the golden age of magic and mystery that surrounds the Etruscan civilization. Thanks to the myths and legends that for centuries surrounded this territory the Etruscans remained isolated from the insatiability of the Roman conquerors.


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The Mysteries of Acquarossa

The Mysteries of Acquarossa

Acquarossa, like many of the Etruscan sites, covers a significant area, in this case the area is a wide plateau at the confluence of three rivers: the Acquarossa, the Francalancia-Fornicchio and the Vezza.
As already mentioned in a previous post, Acquarossa is located where three rivers joined. Such places were considered by the Etruscans to have a particularly strong energy and in these locations they preferred to build their sacred sites…

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Necropolises Built Near the Confluence of Three Rivers



Necropolises Built Near the Confluence of Three Rivers 4/5 (5)

Studies confirm that the confluence of three rivers in order to create borders for lands was a costume also for civilizations such as the Celts. For these civilization, the land surrounded by three rivers is a place where different energetic fields meet creating a gate of communication with short duration between the physical plane and the etheric plane. Besides that, the Celts used to consider sacred the places where plants of wild Hazel and Whitebeam would grow…

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