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My Faliscan Fairy Godmother is a Non-profit, Voluntary Association whose purpose is to promote tourism in the area known as Tuscia whether it is naturalistically, culturally, artistically, historically or gastronomically motivated. Where exactly is Tuscia? It is a territory also referred to as Etruria, once dominated by the Etruscans, an ancient Italian population whose origins are uncertain, who lived in an area of Central Italy that included Tuscany, parts of Umbria and Northern Lazio as far as Rome.

Numerous cities in the area were mentioned by Pliny the Elder in his “Natural History”, among which Civita Castellana (ancient Falerii) stands out as a Faliscan-Etruscan settlement.

The area’s rich landscape is the result of specific and unique geological processes that have bestowed upon this region gentle hills, tufa cliffs, sharp and rugged elevations of volcanic rock, volcanic lakes, gorges and numerous rivers and streams. In this varied scenery, two types of stone dominate – tufa and peperino – and their colors are typical of this area. It was just this distinctive aspect of landscape that attracted landscape painters throughout the 18th and 19th century who visited these places and painted their very suggestive views.

During the period of the Grand Tour many artists came to the capital of the Agro Falisco to immortalize this region on canvas. Some of the notable names were Lorrain, Valenciennes, Turner and Corot. Studying nature in the open air was a standard practice among artists of that era. For this reason the unique characteristics of Civita Castellana have made it one of the preferred destinations of many painters who have been coming to Civita for the past few years under the auspices of the JSS Summer Art School and Residency, locally aided by the Faliscan Fairy Godmothers.

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