Barony of Cerveteri

La Baronia di Cerveteri (Barony of Cerveteri) – Ancient Dance Group is a nonprofit cultural association that performs in Southern Etruria – Cerveteri was once an Etrurian city state -. This area is rich of ancient civilization passing from the Etruscan to the Roman but, it is also home to medieval and renaissance cultures. La Baronia di Cerveteri, thankfully to its passion to medieval and renaissance history, promotes the cultures of those times. Medieval/renaissance dances and music are the main events promoted and take place in an unique atmosphere that finds home in historical boroughs and palaces built in Southern Etruria.
With this spirit La Baronia di Cerveteri undertook its mission by spreading and highlighting the cultures of those times in order to remind the roots of the Italian modern society. Thus, the association responsibility is to bring back to life that past to which Italians belong to. Such mission is supported by the wonderful medieval and renaissance castles, churches and palaces that were built in the southern etrurian area (see on map Lucumonia of Cerveteri).

The President of La Baronia di Cerveteri
Salvatore Uroni

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