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Etruscans Portrait Etruscan Faces 5/5 (7)

In 1989 appeared in the libraries the collection of books ‘’Millelire’’ an initiative proposed by ‘’Stampa Alternativa Edizioni’’. Among its publications there is a curious book titled Ritratti Etruschi (Etruscan portraits) written by the roman photographer Marco Delogu. This composition is part of a broader project focused on the association of different individual portraits and their common experiences…

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Etruscans and the Water



Etruscans and the Water NAN/5 (5)

The concept of water as principle for life was first coined by the Babylonians and later on passed to other civilizations. Water was considered a sacred element and the origin of every form of life. Thus, it was associated to feminine fertility; the foetus grows in the water of the mother’s womb.
The Etruscans had a profound spiritual relationship with the water. Their bound with water involved cults practised in forests near water springs, the construction of sacred altars, and worship toward trees, stones and animals. An example is the circle of stones…

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