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Archaeoastronomy – The Link Between Stars And Stones

Archeoastronomy is a fairly recent discipline that combines the simulation of ancient skies and their relationship with archaeological ruins and historical monuments.

From Healer To Witch Through The Inquisition

On Sunday 30 May 2021, during the Witches and Sorcery event, Daya Rebelde gave a lecture entitled From Healer o Witch Through The Inquisition. Due to circumstances beyond his control, the conference was reduced in the topics covered.

Grotta Delle Stelle – The Discovery

Following a path of signs and synchronicity, Daya Rebelde discovered an entire megalithic complex hidden in the woods
of Tuscia

Psychic Archeology – Great Cosmic Memory

In contemporary society, the interest in mysticism and spirituality is paving the way for new and revolutionary interpretations of history, human evolution and ancient civilizations.

The Mysteries of Acquarossa

Acquarossa, like many of the Etruscan sites, covers a significant area, in this case the area is a wide plateau at the confluence of three rivers: the Acquarossa, the Francalancia-Fornicchio and the Vezza.
As already mentioned in a previous post, Acquarossa is located where three rivers joined. Such places were considered by the Etruscans to have a particularly strong energy and in these locations they preferred to build their sacred sites…

Tuscia for Film Fanatics

Antonioni, Fellini, Monicelli, Magni, Pasolini, Visconti are only some of the directors who have staged their films in Tuscia. Movies such as Django of Corbucci, Il Grande Duello of Giancarlo Santi were shot in these places. But not only Italian film directors have worked in Tuscia, Orson Wells Othello (1951), best movie at the 1952 5th Festival in Cannes, is one of the masterpieces of the international cinema that had Viterbo and its province as scenario…

Walking with the Etruscans

During the week dedicated to the Etruscans, tourists had the opportunity to admire monuments through the historic walking tour arranged there. The tour started from the Amphitheatre. This structure was first considered Roman, but then later studies demonstrated that it belongs to the Etruscan culture as the Amphitheatre is completely carved in the tuff stones, typical from Sutri. It is, in fact, quite difficult to identify the structure from the outside as this appears to be a huge rock. The Amphitheatre dates back between the 2nd century BC and the 1st Century BC as declared by Archaeologists; it has an oval shape with an horizontal axis of 49mt and a vertical axis of 40mt…

Etruscan Cosmogony

Many researchers would agree with the possibility of common characteristics between civilizations that develop even if far away from each other. They would have common thoughts regarding Cosmogony, Religiosity, the vision of the Sacred and the structure of the Celestial Universe, in other words they share somehow the disposition of the venerated Gods. It has also been assessed that many ancient divinities have in common features and their stories where they are the main protagonists…

Etruscan Books Haruspicini

Divination was the main subject treated through these books. More specifically the observation of lightening and animals’ guts was the method to practice Divination.
The Babylonians already in 3000 BC used to practice Divination by the analysis of animals’ guts, usually they were head of cattle, goats with particular characteristics. The liver was considered the spring of blood, so, the spring of life. The sacerdos usually called bārû, use to take into consideration during their divination reading apart the liver, also the lobs, the gall-bladder, the appendix; Dimensions and Location of the organs was very important…

Etruscan Books Fulgurales

First of all it is useful to state that for the Etruscans the Gods communicate through the use of Thunderbolts (the divine lightning). This divine sign used to be interpreted by the Etruscans using three types of classification. These signs could be understood by the adoption of the TEMPLUM Model that allowed the interpretation of the divine messages. Through rituals it was possible then to modify their effects or even obtain redemption.

Nine were the Gods allowed to throw Thunderbolts on Earth; amongst them only Tinia (Tin) could throw three (one for each one of his celestial places)…

Etruscan Corner

Everyone who has a dream should go to Italy.

Elizabeth Spencer

The Etruscan’s Land

Etruria is an area to respect and preserve.
All western civilizations were born here.

The Etruscan’s Magic

The Etruscans’ decision to settle in this area comes from their full knowledge of the wild and immense energy stemming from every stone, spring, every grass leaf that covers this land.

Archaic Knowledge

Myth, rituals, and legends common to the great civilizations of the Humankind. 

Tombs and Necropolis

The Spiritual Vision of the Etruscans between the Physical Plane and the Etheric Plane.

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